Ankor is an easy to use anchor watch and anchor alarm application designed for your iPhone. Fully packed with features, so you can use it when anchoring your boat or traveling.

Don't forget to take Ankor with you to fully enjoy your sailing holiday.
  • Screenshot of specifying the safe area
  • Screenshot of specifying the safe area with recent movement shown
  • Screenshot of application watching the anchor

Ankor's main features

Accurate anchor watch

Anchoring your boat can be tricky, especially when the wind blows or your boat's anchor does not hold well. But with Ankor, you will be instantly warned, when your boat has moved out of your specified area. So you can relax and enjoy the day.

View recent movement when anchoring

When anchoring, it is always great to know the location of your boat's anchor, so you can properly setup the safe area. Now it is very easy with displaying your recent movement enabled. You can also see, in which direction your boat is being dragged.

Background execution

Ankor is developed to run in background, so you can use your iPhone and still be warned.

Location information displayed

With location panel, you can see your actual latitude, longitude and distance from the center of the safe area. When you don't need those informations, you can simply hide the panel for better visibility.

Everything is configurable

We made Ankor configurable, so it will suit your needs.

Change accuracy to safe battery life

Ankor is developed with focus on your battery life. You can even switch accuracy levels to save battery life.


If you have found a bug or had ideas to make the Ankor better for you, please write us at